Benefit evening

Supporting our theater creations : an initiative aimed at improving individual and collective well-being

Year after year, we are very fortunate to host renowned artists who come to support our organization. An eloquent message of solidarity from our peers who, by their participation, recognize the quality and importance of our artistic work.

Over the years, our benefit evening has become a major cultural event bringing together a loyal public and important partners from all circles. It is a unique opportunity to share a privileged meeting with artists and honorary co-presidents.

Unveiling of the 2017 edition at the press conference on 28 March 2017
the Parminou Theatre Corporation

Parminou can count on the Parminou Theatre Corporation whose members are drawn from business and institutional circles. Their participation is a sign of great generosity.

More than just a fundraiser, the activity also serves to:

Parminou Theatre is a non-profit organization . If you wish to support its work and mission, contact: Carl Lafontaine, marketing codirection This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – 819-758-0577 ext. 226 / 514-383-7077 ext. 226

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2017 ??? ???
2016  Michel Rivard Gaétan Lehouillier 
2015 Christian Bégin André Tremblay
2014 Rémy Girard Alain Rayes
2013 Marie-Lise Pilote Marie-Claude Boisvert
2012 Richard Séguin Maggie Aubert
2011 Robert Charlebois Claude Charland
2010 Normand Chouinard Daniel Bélanger
2009 Michel Côté Johnny Izzi
2008 Fred Pellerin Gaston Côté
2007 Chloé Sainte-Marie Sylvie Côté
2006 Luc Picard Alain Courtois
2005 Louison Danis Noël Juneau
2004 Richard Desjardins André Buisson
2003 Pierre Lebeau Guy Boulanger
2002 Pauline Lapointe Jean Lambert
2001 Jean-Guy Moreau Robert Béliveau
2000 Yvon Deschamps Alain Dumont
1999 Guy Laliberté Robert O’Farrell
1998 Gilles Latulippe Suzanne Blanchet
1997 Rita Lafontaine Alain Lemaire
1996 France Castel Marcel Dubois
1995 Martine Beaulne Pierre Roux
1994 Hélène Desperrier Roger Frappier