Creation center

In 1988, supported by the, ministère de la Culture, the Office de planification du développement du Québec and the City of Victoriaville, Parminou erected Quebec’s first theater production center in the heart of its adopted city. 

This bold and modern architectural concept proposed by architect Christian Ouellet, testifies to the presence in the region of this major cultural enterprise. This building illustrates Parminou’s environmental concerns through its efforts to integrate numerous passive solar energy recuperation elements. A long process of collective thinking and experimentation allowed the development of an architectural program that combines quality of life, with efficient heat production and recovery.

It includes all the professional equipment necessary for production, marketing and management. The large rehearsal room even serves on occasion as a venue capable of accommodating up to 110 people. More than fifteen permanent employees, plus thirty contractual artists enliven the scene with their energy and passion.

The originality and uniqueness of the place have attracted more than 20,000 visitors in the guided tours program.

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