Powerful Dramatic Arts

a living art

We collaborate with organizations that work to provoke thought and debate on the part of the people they reach. Our interventions adapt to all representation contexts and all audiences.


Each of our productions is an opportunity to meet, share and listen as well as for artistic collaboration with the organizations and audiences to whom our productions are destined.

Content and features adapted to events

Different presentation contexts

Different features

Made to measure shows

No taxes on our services (registered charitable organization)

Instructors accredited by Emploi-Quebec

The impact

A living art form

The theater puts people into relationships where-in lies its magical power. It convincingly stages situations in which the spectators discover themselves. In a world of division, the theater brings together

Our theater responds to the need to get together to laugh, think and collectively live a powerful play experience. By the “collectivization" of issues through theatrical performance, difficulties encountered escape the private sphere to be discussed in the open. From the isolation born of a problem collective solutions emerge....

Intervention theater adapts to all cultures, speaks directly to the emotions and promotes openness. It challenges the public and leads it to get involved, to think and to act.

Collaborate with us to: communicate- debate issues- illustrate situations- involve- inform- initiate discussions- provoke- role play- raise questions

Over 500 productions
Over 2 000 000 spectators



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