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Art and understanding in Honduras and El Salvador

For three weeks (end of January into February 2011), ONE DROP Project Manager Tania Vachon was in Honduras and El Salvador to further develop partnerships and start up initiatives.

Spending her first week in Honduras, Tania worked with Pascale Gravel-R, researcher and facilitator at Université Laval, on a creative, collective experience entitled “tryptic”—an artistic endeavour that came out of the needs expressed by the partners at the 2010 second annual international meeting on water, social arts and popular education. This successful water-themed artistic performance serves to reinforce the synergy between the Honduras Project’s partners, and testifies to the expertise of all partners of ONE DROP.

In the following two weeks, Tania found herself in El Salvador, working once more with partners from Quebec’s Théâtre Parminou and Théâtre de l’Aubergine to start up production on a social arts and popular education initiative in the form of a multi-disciplined show. Her visit also provided the opportunity to work with El Salvador Project partner AMS to study the causes of water problems affecting communities where the ONE DROP project is operating. Tania and her team headed out to the affected area to plan educational workshops using professionals and locals. These invaluable workshops help ONE DROP and its partners better understand how water-related problems affect children and adults in the area, as well as what, precisely, they know about the issue.

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