Stuck in the Net!

Stuck in the Net!

High school youth

  |  Cyber bulluying hurts even in the real world

  • Length and format50 minutes
  • TextNico Gagnon
  • DirectorMichel Cormier
  • ScenographyCarol Eveno
  • Target audienceHigh school
  • DistributionAlbane Chateau
    Alexandre Dubois
    Martin Junior Pelletier
  • Artistic directionHélène Desperrier
  • CostumesLise Provencher


The age of communication.  Not so long ago, the telephone was our fastest tool to get in touch with each other; for good or ill. Today, technology, through Facebook, Instagram, text-messaging, iPhone, Youtube and such, has made it easier to connect, and has made distances seem much shorter… that’s good. The down-side is that in the wrong hands, it can be a formidable weapon to satiate ones malicious needs to tamper with identities, to get revenge or to influence others, and above all, with an almost complete impunity.

The Association des communicateurs scientifiques showed great interest in our production and the way with which we tackle the issue of cyber-bullying. Here is a link to their article, published in February 2016: Quand la science se met en scène.

The play

In Top Net!, our larger than life characters will, each in their own way, fall victim to this technology. The first will be hurt through direct assault: «It wasn’t the right person…»; « one of the girls, who had set her up, filmed her…» And the second, because they had been tempted to use the virtual world as a weapon that hurts in reality: « Go check it out on Youtube. Look up “humiliation at St-Nic high school” and you’ll see.» «Why do you have a folder called “vengeance”?» The keener will understand the true meaning of the phrase «Words fly away, writings remain».

The play comes with an educational guide for students and teachers and has been created thanks to the support of the Commission de l'éthique en science et en technologie. We would also like to thank Tel-Jeunes, the Service de police de la ville de Montréal and the Direction régionale du ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du sport Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière for their collaboration in creating this play.

In 2009, the Commision de l’éthique en science et technologie published a notice entitled Cyberintimidation: un regard éthique posé par des jeunes. The Commission has not only helped the Théâtre Parminou in creating Top Net!, it also offers various tools (posters, flyers, conferences, etc.) for schools and other community services to use and help make the general population aware of the cyber-bullying phenomenon. Get in touch with the Commission de l'éthique en science et en technologie.

Available in English

For more information

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Tour schedule

  • Monday 3 December 2018In Saint-Léonard
  • Wednesday 20 March 2019In Rosemère
  • Monday 15 April 2019In Montréal